My name is Fred Orentlich and I have been a licensed insurance-financial professional for over 30 years.

I am currently licensed in over 10 states as an Independent Producer to transact, market, and consult on various products including Annuities, encompassing Fixed Annuities, Equity Indexed Annuities and Multi Year Guarantee Annuities, as well as Life Insurance, Modified Endowment Contracts, Long Term Care Insurance, Disability Insurance, Medicare Supplements and Health Insurance.

I have trained and advised over 100 other financial professionals in the above areas.

I am the president and founder of Senior Financial Services Inc, the Insurance Selection Agency and a member of the Asset Protectors and Advisors group.

I have received multiple awards over the years from several Insurance and Financial Services companies as well as the State of Massachusetts presented by the Governor of Massachusetts for the treatment of employees including the hiring of persons with disabilities.

My area of focus is on senior financial matters, including, asset growth and protection.

I have personally serviced over one thousand clients and my independent insurance agency has serviced several thousand clients procured thru the financial professionals that work or have worked with or for my agency.

My companies approach is to combine the services of various financial and legal professionals whom will work as a team to service clients with the most current and advanced products, services and strategies when appropriate.

Some of the financial professionals that work in conjunction with my company are Attorneys specializing in Estate Planning and taxation, C.P.A.’s, C.F.P.’s L.U.T.C.’s